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Welcome To Beyond The Gate

Beyond the Gate is a not for profit company providing a magazine distributed to those in and leaving custody; a directory of places and organisations that exist to help those within the justice system. Backed-up by real-life stories from people who have turned their lives around, the publication seeks to prove that there is life Beyond the Gate.
All printing now is done within the HMPrisons helping to train prisoners and keeping printing costs with in the prison services.

Our Aims

Providing valuable information to prisoners and their families and helping to break the offending cycle by highlighting the benefits of taking control and showcasing the organisations who can help you do that.

Breaking Offending Cycles

Reduce the rate of reoffending by providing a one-stop-shop directory for organisations and groups who can help ex-offenders break their offending cycles

Re-investing in Education

As a community interest company, we will be re-investing our profits back into education for serving prisoners


Very Impressive Publication
“This is very impressive publication and I for one would read it as I have started from front sleeve to back. I have no doubt that the prison are chuffed to meat balls about this and all of the helpful insightful information it contains, which as we know is critical.”

Debbie Seddon Operations Manager - POPS

Lee’s Story
"Just spoke to the orderlies in Reception and their feedback was great too, particularly around Lee’s story.”

Carol Angel Head of Reducing Reoffending HMP Liverpool

“This is amazing! We’ve also shared it with the prisons team at Liverpool Samaritans.”

Rachel Ellis Marketing Communications Officer Samaritans

Download our E-magazine

In this issue of Beyond the Gate you can learn about people who truly made the world their ‘oyster’ despite their despair as they entered custody.

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